4.3" - portable monitor on handle

10" - big touch screen monitor


Inseption tube:

  • 5,2mm with channel 2.6mm
  • 5,2mm with channel 2.2mm
  • 4.2mm with channel 1.2mm
  • 2,8mm withont channel


Angulation range: U160°/D160°

Length: 600mm

Flexible Video Bronchoscope MDH A41


This model of the endoscope is intended for use in clinical medicine for endotracheal or endobronchial examination and intubation; video nasotracheal intubation; double-lumen tube position examining; video tracheal secretion suction; video laryngopharynx topical anesthesia; infant intubation.

A large monitor for stationary use is better suited for long bronchoscopic examinations. A small compact monitor is used for intubation, sanitation and emergency conditions.